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ACS Victoria launches successful Mentoring Program

Monday, 03 Nov 2014

Monday 27 October saw the Victorian Branch launch their first Mentoring Program in over 5 years.

With the call for mentors and mentees sparking a vast amount of interest, the Branch were able to pair up 9 couples based on their background, experience and primary goal of the Program.

Once paired off, the objective of the initial event was to discuss and agree on an Action Plan which each pair will work on over the next 6 months, including the aims and strengths for each critical objective: resources required to achieve outcomes, start date, measurable outcomes, and completion date.
The mentoring program is a structured program which will allow ACS Mentors to provide the benefit of their professional and real world experience to Mentees, for instance MACS CP’s working with members who are Associates to becoming MACS CP.

ACS Victoria wishes all our mentors and mentees the best of luck over the next six months, and we look forward to preparing for round two of the Program which will be launched in 2015.

Mentoring Program