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Notice of Annual General Meeting of the Australian Computer Society

Friday, 28 Nov 2014


The Annual General Meeting of the ACS for 2014 will be held in Adelaide at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, 65 Hindley Street Adelaide, on Friday 28 November at 6.00pm.

The agenda for the meeting is :

1. Opening.

2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 22nd AGM held on 20 November 2013.

3. Reception and consideration of the Annual Report of the ACS Committee of Management for 01 July 2013 – 30 June 2014 (which incorporates the Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheets and the Auditor's Report).

Minutes of the 22nd AGM (2013) and an Appointment of Proxy form for those unable to attend the meeting are available below this notice. The Annual Report when available will be posted to the same site.

If you will be attending the event please register for it at the Event & Networking section of the ACS website.

Notice of AGM

Minutes of the 22nd AGM

Proxy Form

Annual Financial Statement