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NSW Govt gets ready to throw out the floppy disks

Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014

Dominic Perrottet says its time for government to catch up.

OPINION - Just weeks after becoming Finance Minister in NSW, I opened the cupboard of my parliamentary offices to find something that I hadn’t seen for years and thought I would never see again - boxes and boxes of old blue 3.5” floppy disks.

To me, this said a lot about the state of technology within the government sector.

I’m a proud member of Gen Y.

I check Twitter on my iPad. I track my runs using a Fitbit. And I do my banking on my mobile.

It seems everywhere I go, the private sector is supporting and encouraging customers like me to embrace cloud, social and mobile solutions.

Everywhere that is, except in government.

Entering government agencies can be like entering the world of yesterday. A world of paper documents, of printing things out and faxing things around. A world of being asked the same information by different departments a number of times, of long paper forms and endless queues.  A nine to five analog world that no one has time for anymore.

Read the full story by itnews at:,nsw-govt-gets-ready-to-throw-out-the-floppy-disks.aspx#ixzz3HOqkXgoZ