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Find Your Voice - ACS Canberra Toastmasters

Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014

Gain Confidence. Stand up and be counted. Join the ACS Canberra Toastmasters – NOW!

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." – John Quincy Adams 

• Improve your communication and leadership skills.
• Feel more confident speaking in front of an audience.
• Command attention and interest in a wide variety of business and social situations.
• Benefit from being a more persuasive and effective speaker.
ACS Canberra is a proud supporter of the ACS Toastmasters Special Interest Group (SIG) and encourages all ICT practitioners to benefit from the excellent development programme the Toastmaster International has developed over years. Come and join other like-minded people to develop important communication skills.
ICT professionals are being asked more and more to speak in front of varied groups. The Toastmasters’ communication program that ACS is supporting, is a self-learning personal development program. The environment is friendly and supportive, and self-paced, learn-by-doing process.

Limited time only – Current fully financial ACS members  can join the ACS Toastmaster for $25 (a saving of $25 on the normal $50 full fee). This membership is for six months from 1st October 2014 to 30th March 2015. 

New members are welcome at any time, and there is no requirement to have an ACS membership to join.  Joining fee however is $50.
* To register your attendance, please go to the "easy-speak" website for upcoming Club meetings
* ACS Members - To ensure you receives the CPD hours by attending to Toastmasters meeting, please also register at the ACS Canberra event Website NOW.

The International Toastmasters membership runs twice a year for the payment (April - September, October - March, etc), therefore, the ACS Canberra Toastmasters Club due required to be paid by or before Apr and Oct each six months (Note, ACS Canberra Toastmasters membership fee does not include GST):

1st October - 30th March

Join fee

Club Member fee (six month)

TM Renewal



TM Renewal (non-ACS member)







New TM



New TM (Non-ACS member)