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ACS Week in Review: 3 October 2014

Friday, 03 Oct 2014

YITcon 2014 kicks off in Melbourne October 9 & 10

The ACS Youth Festival of ICT, YITcon 2014, will take place in Melbourne next week. If you aren’t able to get there, contact your local ACS branch to see how you can attend a live stream satellite event where you’ll hear from innovators and leaders in the ICT space.

You can also follow @yitcon2104 on Twitter for the latest updates from the event.

CSIRO’s heart attack app proving a lifesaver

An Australian life-saving smartphone app is helping heart attack survivors stick to their rehabilitation program and avoid a fatal second bout.

The Cloud-based MoTER app, developed by the CSIRO's Australian e-Health Research Centre, takes the hassle out of staying healthy by allowing patients to follow tailored rehabilitation programs from home – or wherever they may be – rather than having to travel to an outpatient centre.

Cardiovascular disease is Australia's No.1 killer, with one person nearly every 12 minutes dying from a heart attack.

But for sufferers, family and work commitments, as well as a lack of motivation after the harrowing experience of a heart attack, can make sticking to rehab feels more like a pain in the chest than a ticket to longevity.

Job hopes rise as GE waits on funding for Sydney software hub

OCTOBER will be crunch time for multinational firm GE as its American parent decides whether to provide millions of dollars in funding for a software hub in Sydney to house 250 new employees.

GE plans to develop five software centres around the world to emulate the success of its first facility in the Silicon Valley.

GE Australia chief information officer Mark Sheppard, who is leading the internal bid, said the 130-year-old company was “increasingly seeing itself as a software company”.

Mr Sheppard is bullish about its prospects at winning the grant and estimates it would cost $20 million-plus to fund a local centre.

Victorian Government ICT subject to three-year rolling review

The Victorian Auditor General’s Office will step up its scrutiny of state government IT operations by kicking off an ongoing review of agency tech for to take place over the next three years.

The office this week updated its website with details of what it called a “digital dashboard”, which will comprise a series of reports to parliament on the performance of the state’s IT projects.

In his 2014 annual plan, the state's Auditor-General John Doyle flagged that a “greater focus on information systems” would be his priority for the year ahead.

Doyle's long-running criticisms of the state's approach to IT culminated in a 2011 shocking report co-authored with the Victorian Ombudsman which uncovered $1.4 billion in cost overruns stemming from just ten projects.