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Competition review joins chorus against 'Australia tax'

Thursday, 25 Sep 2014

Backs circumvention techniques.

The Coalition-appointed panel charged with reviewing Australia’s competition policies has resoundingly backed the advice of a parliamentary inquiry into IT pricing, recommending that copyright rules be tweaked to encourage consumers to work around the so called ‘Australia Tax’.

The review panel, headed by economics Professor Ian Harper, has supported the prospect of more Australians using technologies like virtual private networks connecting to proxy servers and international mail forwarding services to circumvent international price discrimination.

The panel has also backed lifting a ban on parallel imports, unless cases can be proven to be in the public interest.

Back in July 2013 a parliamentary committee investigating international IT price discrepancies between Australia and the rest of the world found that Australians were being routinely charged up to 50 percent more for hardware and software, without any concrete justification from the vendors.

Read the full story by itnews at:,competition-review-joins-chorus-against-australia-tax.aspx#ixzz3EHBMceev