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Tas scores high in GovHack 2014

Tuesday, 16 Sep 2014

GovHack 2014 was a resounding success for Tasmanian participants, with local teams representing in most of the awards categories. The results were:

The best open government data hack category

1st Prize: Split between:
  • Project Mash Academy byTeam Data4Kidz (Perth)
  • Project What is Gov (Baby don't hurt me) by Team All You Need Is Gov (Tasmania)

The best digital humanities hack category

2nd Prize: Split between:
Highly Commended:
  • Project The Hack Report by Team Lorem Ipsum (Tasmania)
  • Project Altrove by Team TotesProfesh (Tasmania)
  • Project Settlers by Team The Settlers of GovHack (Tasmania)

Best use of Trove.

1st Prize: Split between:
2nd Prize: Split between:
  • Project Time Machine by Team Time Travelers Australia (Sydney)
  • Project Altrove by Team TotesProfesh (Tasmania)

The best data journalism hack category

Best use of Taxation Statistics data

1st Prize: Project Settlers by Team The Settlers of GovHack (Tasmania)

Team category prizes 

Teams self-nominated which of the following categories best described their team. In Tasmania, the winners were:
Best Entrepreneurship Teams

Best Public Servant Teams
  • Highly Commended: Team TotesProfesh (Tasmania)

Local Spirit of GovHack

Team: ‘The Settlers of GovHack‘: This team exhibited great collaboration and cooperation, all the team members were strangers and formed the team on Friday night and put in some of the longest hours overnight and were still willing to contribute to the event by taking event photos and generally creating a positive atmosphere.