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New Board structure at ACS-TAS

Tuesday, 16 Sep 2014

An interim appointment as Chair was made at the July TAS-BEC meeting and Steve Cambridge will fill that role until elections in November 2014. The Board also determined to introduce three new executive positions (Vice-Chairs) of the Board to encompass defined areas of engagement. The Board is now structured as follows: 

Immediate past Chair:  Robbie Batten
Chair:  (interim) Steven Cambridge
Vice-Chair (congress rep, TasBEC communications, TasBEC strategy):  Christopher Baker
Vice-Chair (membership, PD, SFIA, business ICT engagement): position vacant
Vice-Chair (government (legislative), government (agencies), GBE, academic): position vacant
Vice-Chair (member engagement, communications and media): position vacant
Branch Treasurer:  Glenn Hadolt
General members: Robbie Batten, Marcus Bowles, Paris Buttfield-Addison, Eloise Ducky, Paulo de Souza, Henry Duh, John Ettershank, Jacky Hartnett, Paul Lockwood, Jon Manning, Karen Murphett, Ken Price.

Nominations open

Nominations will open in the last weekend of October 2014 for Board membership. All ACS members are encouraged to participate. Details will be made available on the website shortly. Enquiries to the state manager Ray Leonard.