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Earning the right to innovate - Julie Bale of BOQ talks about breaking down barriers in the CXO Challenge Series

Friday, 08 Aug 2014

In 2012, after close to ten years of underinvestment in IT and facing the onset of new and unfamiliar competition, the Bank of Queensland urgently needed a change agent to run IT.

They found Julie Bale - an executive with an appetite for change that was already well grounded in the realities of running IT within a tier two bank.

Bale has spent less than 18 months as group CIO at the Bank of Queensland after stints at ING Direct and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, but has been quick to make her presence felt.

She has shone a light on the bank’s relationships with its partners and - even more crucially - it’s relationship with customers. None of what Bale describes as the “traditional frames of reference” for running a bank have escaped her scrutiny.

The group CIO was provided scope to hire her own technology leadership team, take supply relationships to tender, address immediate systems availability issues and formulate a longer-term strategy to underpin the bank’s value proposition in the middle distance.

Two years of tough decisions later - and with several still to come - Bale is helping to prepare the bank for a future in which the customer will have far greater opportunity to choose from a wider variety of financial service providers.

The speed of change in today’s financial sector is startling, Bale told iTnews.

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