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Tas Catalyst Project

Thursday, 31 Jul 2014

ACS Tasmania has committed to Tasmania’s innovative Tas Catalyst Project - a network of people and projects preparing Tasmania for the digital and creative economy.

Currently, Tas Catalyst is the chief proponent in the Macquarie House Innovation Hub proposal, a proposal to convert the historic building into a hybrid coworking space in which Tasmanian entrepreneurs from all industry sectors will have the opportunity to take their place in the exploding innovation and startup scene.

The group is also coordinating the Innovation Circle, a collaboration between the Queen Victoria Museum and Artl Gallery, Bitlink and Definium Technology, and aims to provide a place for multi-disciplinary collaborations to produce innovative interactive museum experiences. 

ACS Tasmania has had detailed discussions with the project proponents. ACS Tasmania will be working very closely with the team to ensure that the team receives our full support in this important venture for Tasmania.

For more information about Tas Catalysi visit