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Life beyond the transaction - ANZ's Patrick Maes in the CXO Challenge

Tuesday, 29 Jul 2014

The fourth article in the CXO Challenge Series, a partnership between ITNews and the ACS, is now available to view online.

If digital disruptors think an online payments startup could rock the big four, they’ve missed the point of why people use banks, says Patrick Maes.

ANZ chief technology officer Patrick Maes is weary of the shallow applications that typify “cloud” and “big data” projects almost as much as he’s tired of the alarm bells ringing in financial services about the threat posed by startups.

After several decades working in advanced computer science across banks the world over, Maes has seen it all before

Read more:,anz-looks-to-life-beyond-the-transaction.aspx#ixzz38orhZbOz