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News from ACS Canberra Toastmasters SIG

Friday, 11 Jul 2014

To ACS Canberra Toastmasters and potential members or leaders

Firstly, on behalf the Club Members, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulating one of our respected and experienced Toastmaster Reinaldo Bravo who recently became a father.

Congratulations to Bravo’s family! And welcome to baby Bravo!

May Reinaldo enjoy every moment of his life changing experience in this new role as a father.

Secondly, we would like to welcome the newly elected Club Executive members Christine Leung (Secretary), Pamita Mund (VP membership) and re-elected Jenalle Wei (President) and Nahid Akbar (VP Education).

Also we would like to acknowledge the outgoing Club Executive members from this year and sincerely thank them for their time and commitment to the ACS Canberra Toastmasters club over the last 12 months. The great team work effort is recognised and valued, and is much appreciated.

They are:
• John Timermanis (President)
• Nahid Akbar (VP Education)
• Ka Yi Ho (VP Membership)
• Marwan Saab (VP Public Relation)
• Mark Lim (Secretary)
• Arshia Amirghasemi (SAA)

Finally, we would like to provide a Club meeting update

In order to provide support and value to each member of ACS Canberra Toastmasters, and to ensure we have enjoyable and quality meetings this year, our Club will be focusing on creating a fun meeting environment rather than trying to achieve too many goals , because we know when we are having fun, we will achieve our goals individually and as a Club.

To do that, we need to commit to each other, and ourselves, to participate in meetings and be prepared for our roles, to interact at every meeting and give each other valuable feedback and support, and to be committed to quality in our meetings.

Therefore, the Club executive has decided that,
a) We will invite  experienced Toastmasters from other clubs to be guest speakers and conduct the Educational session for us at each meeting
b) We will provide a social networking opportunity for members and guests to socialise after the regular meetings by having dinner at the Mantra hotel (discounted rate)
c) We will do the agenda check at end of each meeting, and assign the important roles to members for the next meeting:  roles such as speakers, Toastmaster and Table Topic Master, if those roles have not been filled on the easy speak website. We would also look to have reserved speakers or other roles lined up in case of last minute changes
d) We will have role assignments printed on the back of the agenda for members to assign a role for themselves for the next meeting
e) We will ask members for feedback regularly

Our next meeting:  Thursday 17 July 2014 at the Mantra on Northbourne from 5.30pm – 7.30pm. Click the link and register now:

1. Toastmasters Club Leadership Training
• Canberra#1 – Saturday 19 July 2014 – Yowani Country Club – 1-4pm
• Canberra#2 – Thursday 31 July 2014 – Hellenic Club, Woden – 6-9pm

The ACS Canberra Toastmasters Club Officers encourage all members or potential members to attend  one of these training sessions; especially current Club officers. Some of Club officers have already registered for the 19th July session, because members want to learn and improve our leadership skills.

Registrations for the sessions are to be made at the link -

2. The ACS Canberra Toastmasters Club is recruiting Club Officers

The Club is recruiting for leadership positions; they are the Sergeant at Arms (SAA), Vice President Education (VPE) and Vice President Public Relation (VPPR).

The Executive Committee encourages Club members to think about taking up a Club officer role. It is a great leadership experience that you can apply everywhere.
Please forward your nomination to by 17 July. If there is no additional nomination or rejection received by 17 July, the position of SAA (Kevin Read) will be appointed and announced by the Club officer at the meeting on 17 July.

For more information on each of the officer roles, please click the link below to learn more about the roles & responsibility of Club officers.

3. ACS Canberra Toastmasters - Club Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests – 21 August 2014

ACS Canberra Toastmasters is conducting its humorous speech and table topics contest on Thursday 21 August 2014.  Details as follows:

Where:           Mantra on Northbourne, 84 Northbourne Avenue Canberra
Time:             Contest briefing 5:30pm; Meeting start 5:45pm (sharp)
Dress code:    Mantra on Northbourne is a four and half star hotel/venue and dress standards apply
Cost:              Soft drinks and some hot finger food will be provided (free) during the meeting. Also, dinner can be purchased at the Manta Restaurant at a discounted rate

Note:  We encourage all members to be part of the speech contestants. Please confirm your attendance via email to as soon as possible or by 14 August 2014, alternately you can assign yourself at the ACS Canberra Toastmasters easy-speak website for the contests meeting to be held on 21 August.

"Don't wait for the perfect time to do something. Work hard and don't give up, regardless of what might be going on around you."  (Unknown author)

Action and register a meeting now: 

Club Executive Committee 2014 - 2015

President/Treasurer:  Jenalle Wei
Secretary:  Christine Leung
Sergeant at arms:  Kevin Read
Vice President Education:  Nahid Akbar
Vice President Membership:  Pamita Mund
Vice President Public Relations:  Courtney Wu

Immediate past president:  John Timermanis

President’s Distinguished Club 2012-2014
Club No 1544584 - Area 51 - Chartered 29th Nov 2010
District 70 Toastmasters – Encompassing NSW and ACT Monaro Division