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ACS Women at Microsoft - How to Become a Tech Girl Superhero?

Friday, 11 Jul 2014

On 2 July 2014 the ACS Women and The Tech Girls Movement had an amazing day at Microsoft in Sydney. Many forward thinking mums and supportive dads bought their daughters on the school holidays to meet the Tech Girl Superheroes and to have a fun tech day out to learn more about what techgirls do.

Nearly 200 people gathered to inspire to be Tech Girl Superheroes or to support their daughter's tech curiosity.

The event was opened by a fun icebreaker for all of the girls to get to know each other and then Pip Marlow, the Managing Director at Microsoft who is a true Tech Girl Superhero, gave a motivating speech. Pip emphasised the importance of keeping at maths in school, and how technology is part of every industry. Microsoft Team and, ACS-W Committee and the postgrad tech volunteers from UTS worked together to inspire young girls.