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New play-on-demand video: Randi Zuckerberg announces top 10 tech trends and discusses digital disruption

Wednesday, 09 Jul 2014

The ACS is pleased to announce new premium vodcasts of two presentations by Randi Zuckerberg, formerly Facebook’s Director of Market Development and official Spokeswoman. Ms. Zuckerberg names ten of today’s most exciting trends in the tech and entrepreneurship world and talks about digital disruption with a panel of Australian experts including: Allyn Radford, CEO Deakin Digital; Michael Ossipoff, Director Customer Executive Programs, Telstra; and Grantly Mailes, Chief Technology Advocate, Victorian Government. 

She shares some of Facebook’s early strategies to become a major player in the digital space, and she gives a balanced perspective of the opportunities and challenges that come with innovation. And who better to share their own personal story than someone who was there from the start of digital disruption through social media! Zuckerberg is Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, a New York Times Best-Selling Author and Editor-in-Chief of lifestyle website, and in 2010 was ranked among 50 Digital Power Players by The Hollywood Reporter. 

During her address on 26 May 2014, Zuckerberg told the audience, “We live in world where expert voices are needed more than ever before because there is so much noise online, that people…hear about things through their social networks, then they …want to go to a trusted source in order to validate and verify.”

The ACS helps members become trusted voices within their profession by offering certification and ongoing professional development opportunities. Access to world-renown experts like Zuckerberg is one example of the professional development opportunities, networking and information resources the ACS provides to create the conditions for you and Australia to thrive in an economy driven by ideas and innovation. 

The ACS is the trusted voice for Australian ICT, representing all practitioners in business, government and education, upholding a professional Code of Ethics, and providing thought leadership on ICT trends and issues.

The ACS is proud to offer this premium content - members can click here to watch now