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ACS President's Blog: 4 June 2014

Friday, 13 Jun 2014

How do you define a profession which is made up from people working in ICT?

I was reading an online article recently entitled “Do Programmers Still Need a Computer Science Degree to Land a Great Job?” and once again it got me thinking about how we know we ICT practitioners are also professionals? Not only us, but those who are not ICT professionals, our stakeholders and communities.

The article asserts that getting a job in ICT can happen on the basis of demonstrating what you can do, ie a project you have delivered or an app you have developed, but to move to top level management you will need to demonstrate those higher order thinking skills that are developed in undertaking a degree program of some sort: “Without any kind of college degree, an upper level management position will most likely be out of reach.”

Is this a sufficient justification for undertaking a degree?... Read more