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ACS WA Conference 2014 program announced

Monday, 12 May 2014

2014 Conference Program

Information, Inspiration and Innovation: Seeking ICT weapons of mass disruption

 Thursday, 29th May 2014
 Empyrean Function Centre
 12 Lake Street Northbridge 

12:00pm to 1:00pm

  Registration, Light lunch

 Opening Session

Master of Ceremonies -  Gregg Boalch
Conference opening 
Brenda Aynsley
President, Australian Computer Society

Coert Du Plessis
Partner, Deloitte Analytics

Big Data Analytics - the information management revolution that factors trends, patterns and anomalies.

Stuart Hall
Application Developer, Bytesize Apps 

Micro Disruptions - Small Scale Apps that redefine the solution space

Innovation Panel 

Teaching Innovation - Pioneering pathways for student inventions beyond traditional education

Bret Treasure, Chairman, Australian Web Industry Association
Andy Lamb, Co- founder, Atomic Sky
Michael Haywood, Co-founder, LiveHire
Jason Buchanan, General Manager, Optimum Consulting Group

 Break- Afternoon Tea

Andy Weir
CIO, Bankwest

Disruptive Technologies - Transformations from the Internet of Things

Darius Wey
CIO, Health Engine

Disruptive Health - Upcoming technologies that enhance accessibility of consumer healthcare

Steve Dalby
Chief Regulatory Officer, iiNet Ltd

Blue Ocean IT - ISP innovations in the ICT Marketplace

Innovation Panel 

Inspiring Leadership - Abandoning the established ways in favour of risk, radicalisation and reward.

      Brenda Aynsley, President, Australian Computer Society
      Justin Scanlan, Partner, PWC
      John Stockbridge, Fellow, Australian Computer Society

      Sara Braund , Chief Information Officer, Woodside Energy Ltd

Conference closing
David Cook, ACS WA Chair.

Sundowner, Networking Drink and Canapés