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Steve Dalby explores Blue Ocean IT.

Monday, 05 May 2014


Blue Ocean IT – ISP innovations in the ICT Marketplace 
The role of ISPs has changed over time, moving from a simple connectivity provider to a fixed location, to a supplier of solutions servicing the demand for ‘Anything, Anywhere, Anytime’. Unless ISPs identify the changing trends and predict and match the requirements of their customers with innovative responses, they risk being squeezed by ‘free’ access, OTT and hardware providers.

Steve will discuss iiNet’s perspective on vectors of Access, Interfaces and Applications, which the company expects will create ongoing pressure for change and innovative response. 

Stephen (Steve) Dalby has been involved in the telecommunications industry for more than 40 years.Since 2003,Steve has been in an executive role with the iiNet Group. He has wide experience in retail and wholesale business, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, Quality Assurance and Corporate Social Responsibility. Steve is also CEO of Chime Communications Pty Ltd, iiNet’s carrier subsidiary, and is a director of Communications Alliance and iiNet Labs. 

Event details

ACS WA Conference
Information, Inspiration and Innovation: Seeking ICT weapons of mass disruption.

Date: 29th May 2014
Location: Empyrean Function Center, 12 Lake street Northbridge.

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