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Coert Du Plessis lead Partner for the WA Deloitte Analytics practice, optimising operations, capital and financial performance through advanced analytics

Monday, 05 May 2014


Coert Du Plessis has been announced as one of the speakers for the 2014 ACS WA Conference, 29th May. Coert's presentation will challenge the way you look at analytics, and Big Data!


Technophile, chartered accountant, and lead Partner of the Deloitte Analytics practice in Perth, Coert Du Plessis strives to deliver innovative analytics and fresh insights from clients’ data assets to drive radical change in business performance.

With a career spanning over fifteen years, Coert has been fortunate to have worked at a host of international locations including Cape Town, London, Florida, Sydney and Perth for the last six years. Working in fast paced and vibrant cities has allowed Coert to be receptive to new ideas and global concepts which have helped shape his professional career and fresh approach to data analytics.

Coert’s innovative and cutting edge analysis in the areas of mining, oil and gas and construction safety, customer segmentation and asset efficiency has gained national recognition. Over the last five years Coert has built the Perth Data Analytics team from one employee to nearly twenty data scientists and helped the WA marketplace appreciate the developing need for strategic data insights and data driven decisions.

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