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Don’t Miss Out: Change Management 2-day course

Monday, 28 Apr 2014

Dr Rod Dilnutt, ICT Professional of the Year 2013, will be presenting two-day short courses on Change Management over the next six weeks across Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland.

The Organisational Change Management course focuses on the development and implementation of Information Systems (IS) as both a catalyst for, and a response to organisational change.

The course content provides foundation understanding for the IS professional to understand and manage the impact of change from an IS project team prospective. The interrelationship between IS and organisational change is examined from both the theoretical and practical perspectives.

Topics discussed include: the need for effective change management, the relationship between IS and change, how to build successful project teams, various personality assessment models and the change management process.

This course will provide you with the practical ability to understand and develop a change management strategy.

Learning outcomes
· Understand the issues involved in engaging stakeholders and building successful IS teams.
· Understand the reciprocal relationship between the IS function and organisational change.
· Awareness of the importance of interpersonal relationships in the role of an effective IS practitioner.
· Be familiar with a range of change familiarise management theories and models.
· Understand the importance of communication in effecting change.
· Be familiar with the basics of personality

Session dates
· Adelaide 19 & 20 May
· Brisbane 2 & 3 June
· Sydney 11 & 12 June

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