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Webinar 7 May @ 2pm EST: Barclay Rae presents 7 Steps to ITSM Goodness

Monday, 28 Apr 2014

To be on the road to successful IT service management, an organisation needs to do 7 key steps and do them well.

These steps are not an exhaustive list of ISTM functions or sequential tasks, but instead are a pivotal set of practical tasks and goals necessary to achieve success.

Join Barclay Rae as he walks through the 7 simple steps that all ITSM practitioners should undertake to ensure success and deliver value.

Attend this live, interactive webinar to learn:
· How to set clear and measurable project targets
· Why the customer and vendor need to risk assess
· How to get structure and agreement around logistics
· How to build ITSM goodness into projects

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