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Deakin Uni & Cyber Security CRC Bid

Friday, 28 Mar 2014

Deakin University is partnering with four other Australian Universities and major industry leaders, in a bid to establish a Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CRC).  CRCs receive funding from the federal government and for this bid we are asking for in excess of $24m to develop world leading responses in cyber security.  Among our major partners are Lockheed Martin, Australian Federal Police, Commonwealth Bank, Cisco Systems, Woodside, Telstra.

The usual governance structure for a CRC is to set it up as a discreet company with the partners as members/shareholders.  The funds (both partner contributions and government funds) are usually pooled and project proposals are invited.  The bid partners determine the shape of the projects and are thus in an excellent position to put in a proposal for some of the work. 

The bid is currently looking for more small-to-medium business partners. The minimum cash contribution for a small-to-medium business is $5000 per annum for 5 years, as well as in-kind contributions. If you are interested in discussing this opportunity please contact or 0427 741 842.