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Don’t Miss Two Great ACS Courses in April!

Friday, 14 Mar 2014

How do you run IT projects successfully?

ACS is running 2 great courses on Agile in Practice – Composite Approach and Business Analysis in Practice.


7 and 8 April 2014, Sydney

This course provides you with practical understanding of what comprises Business Analysis (BA), its competency framework (i.e. SFIA, IIBA and AIBA) and an approach to enhancing your BA competencies.

The practical BA techniques presented in this course include mind-mapping, art of questioning, modelling and managing requirements (a use case driven approach of the UML v 2.0) quality and user experience analysis. Categories of user requirements discussed include: functional, non-functional, interface and infrastructure.

This course will also cover BA in the context of the popular Agile methods. All techniques are demonstrated with a case example and practiced in a workbook.


9, 10 and 11 April 2014, Sydney

This course provides a unique and practical perspective on Agility by combining formal (planned) lifecycles and processes together with the advantages of Agile practices (e.g. Story cards, Walls and Daily stand-ups). Agile methods (such as Scrum, XP and Crystal) are popular due to their promise of transparency, immediate feedback and visibility. Agile in Practice, however, encounters challenges in scaling and when used on outsourced/offshored projects that are heavily contract-driven. Combining extensive research with practice, this course aims to overcome the lacunae between the need for formality at management level together with the need for agility at the development level.