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CEBIT Australia 2014 – Special Offers for ACS Members

Friday, 07 Mar 2014

ACS is pleased once again to be a Supporting Association of CeBIT Australia 2014.

Innovation in IT is moving at an unprecedented pace, and businesses that don’t embrace technology to drive true business innovation and make evidence based decisions will be left behind.

CeBIT has assembled the thought leaders of tomorrow to take you on the journey on how they have leveraged innovation in IT to ensure their business remains agile, scalable and efficient in today’s interconnected world.

A new and exciting venue: Sydney Showground and surrounds at Sydney Olympic Park. With a bigger venue, bigger opportunities and greater access, CeBIT Australia 2014 is shaping up to be the best year yet. The CeBIT Express will run free trains for CeBIT ticket holders direct from Central to Sydney Olympic Park and return during peak travel periods around the event.

Special Offers for ACS members

Exhibition entry of $15 + GST, including one Campus Session, compared to the normal on-line price of $29 + GST and on-site price of $99 + GST.

$50 + GST discount for ACS members for every conference or workshop ticket sold after the Early Bird period.

All discounts are provided through the use of a registration promotional code – acsceb14

To register using this code, please click here