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The iAwards program values student contribution

Friday, 07 Mar 2014

iAwards 2014

Student Domain iAwards recognises excellence in Secondary, Tertiary Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Projects.

ICT studies can be fun as well as educational and the projects undertaken by students often display novel and unique approaches in applying innovation to a wide range of highly creative and functional concepts. More often than not adopting outside-of-the-box concepts, these projects can at times set the scene for future commercial applications.

Educational institutions are often seen as the incubators of innovative ICT practice, and the list of how everyday innovations which have been created by students at such facilities are staggering. Formal and informal competition between these institutions to continue coming up with good ideas, which are not only ground-breaking but also may have commercial applications is intense, results in the standard of innovation being of the highest order. The reputation of the institutions, and the career prospects of the students involved, is often boosted by the quality and innovativeness of their ICT project work.


Secondary Student Category

The inclusion of a broad range of ICT subjects through secondary school curriculums has presented young students with great opportunities to explore this exciting field and examine the almost unlimited career offerings which ICT can open up. Secondary Student iAward is presented to the most outstanding ICT project undertaken by a secondary student or group of secondary students.

Undergraduate Tertiary Category

Tertiary Undergraduate study often has students work collaborative on a project which replicates how real IT projects are run in industry. It may be a university assignment or extra-curricular project undertaken by the student or student group who are registered as active undergraduate students in higher-learning institution, such as college or university. Tertiary Student iAward recognises the most outstanding project undertaken by a tertiary (undergraduate) student or group of students.

Postgraduate Tertiary Category

Postgraduate study is for the first time being recognised by iAwards in 2013 as increasingly outstanding innovations are being developed in the shadows on campus.

Postgraduate Tertiary Student iAward recognises the most outstanding project or research undertaken by a tertiary (postgraduate) student or group of students during either coursework or research Masters, Doctoral or Post-Doctoral programs.

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