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Connect 2014 - next week!

Friday, 07 Mar 2014

Connect 2014 Banner

It's not too late to register for Connect 2014.

Connect 2014 is a new style event bringing together suppliers of emerging digital technologies, with a full multi-track conference, free on-floor seminar programme, dedicated technology zones and a packed expo floor.

8 reasons why you cannot afford to miss CONNECT 2014

1. CE mobile trends and innovation – Learn how will our lives and businesses be changed by driverless cars, wearable technology, sensors, 3D printers and curated content? What will privacy and personal identity mean within the evolving context of the hyper connected, always-on age of mobile and big data? And how will this impact channels, choices and purchases? What kind of new devices will we see in the future, and which current devices will become irrelevant?

2. The Cloud is the Computer - meet the innovators who are building infrastructure to run the applications of the next decade

3. Building the internet of things – Understand how connecting homes and business to the internet will disrupt businesses, improve efficiency and usher in an era of disruption not seen since the beginning of the web

4. Digital Business Models – how are people going to be able to make money? Predictions, analysis and tips aplenty

5. Find out what the future holds for the connected consumer – Cars, homes, selves – and what the impact of this will be in areas such as healthcare, education, energy, retail, service delivery and more

6. Designing Experiences - As data and connectivity shape our world, experience design is now as important as the technology itself.  Find out how and source the expertise and products you need to make this happen

7. The intersection of strategy and data - From smarter cars to personalised healthcare, today’s data strategies are driving business in compelling new directions – Find out how to use data to make better products, build bigger profits and drive business success

8. Connect Live! Get access to the biggest live market place of emerging digital technologies and solution providers in Australia

For more information and to register, please click here.