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Upcoming EdXN Branch Forum: Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership

Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

Today’s information technology marketplace abounds with marketing hype and buzzwords such as big data, analytics, social media, mobility, cloud, the Internet of things, BYOD and SaaS.  Individually, these concepts are significant, but they are all part of a much more fundamental change that is affecting every corner of society.   We are now clearly entering the Digital Era, in which digital information technologies are being used to fundamentally reinvent businesses and marketplaces.

Following the first wave of Digital Startups, including Amazon, Google and the social media sites, we now see established enterprises exhibiting a wide range of responses to the arrival of the Digital Era.  Some fail to recognise, or even deny the changes and become examples of Digital Failure, including once dominant brands like Kodak, HMV and Borders.  At the other end of the spectrum we see companies like Burberry and Commonwealth Bank, which have understood the opportunities and have reinvented themselves, undergoing major Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation does not happen by accident.  Emerging research shows that Digital Transformation requires strong, persistent and highly focused Digital Leadership at the highest levels of the organisation.  It also shows that Digital Leadership doesn’t require a great deal of knowledge about how the enabling technology works.  Rather, Digital Leadership requires understanding of what organisations can achieve through intelligent use of information technology, and of the changes taking place in the broader marketplace, enabled by how others are using new and established forms of information technology.

Effective Digital Leaders use IT to redefine not just their own business, but the markets and competitive landscapes in which they operate – and this is so for government as much as for the private and not-for-profit sectors.  They see and harness the potential in IT to do business differently and to create new businesses from scratch.   Rapid emergence of the digitally transformed market drives new questions.  What are the essential skills and capabilities of a Digital Leader?  How can Digital Leaders operate effectively?  How can organisations put themselves on the front foot and be Digital Winners, rather than Digital Disasters?

In this new EdXN Programme, Mark Toomey explains the scope of Digital Transformation and builds a comprehensive picture of Digital Leadership as an essential capability of business leaders.  He connects Digital Transformation to the ISO 38500 standard for governance of IT, showing how the standard can help organisations navigate their transition to the digital era and how it guides the activities and behaviour of Digital Leaders.

Presenter: Mark Toomey
Date: Wednesday 2 April 2014
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: Telstra Conference Centre, CBD

Please click here for more information and to register.