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Digital Leadership and Governance of ICT using ISO 38500 – Two Day Workshop

Friday, 07 Feb 2014

Sydney, Monday 31 March - Tuesday 1 April 2014, 9:00am – 5:00pm

As the world moves deeper into the Digital Era, it is becoming clearer that entire markets are changing because of the way individuals and organisations are using new, powerful and increasingly ubiquitous technologies.  Organisations at the front line of these changes are demonstrating that breakthrough change happens when business leaders also deliver effective Digital Leadership supported by effective Governance of ICT.  At the same time, an increasing number of governments and other organisations are looking to adopt the guidance in ISO 38500, to strengthen their arrangements for governance of ICT.

Decisions regarding the effective, efficient and acceptable use of ICT are no longer confined to the ICT leadership.  As ICT resources and capability move closer to commodity status, organisations in government and industry need digital leadership capabilities and a compact, responsive and effective approach to ensuring that all executives and managers in business and ICT roles make appropriate decisions about the use and supply of ICT.  At the same time, consultants who help organisations plan and build new capability, ICT suppliers and entrepreneurs seeking to participate in the emerging digital economy need to understand what ISO 38500 says, and how to use it.


ISO 38500 is dense and compact.  During this class you will discover the immense depth and power of the standard, which defines principles for governance rather than rigid processes and inflexible structures.  You will see why ISO 38500 is an ideal top-level guide for business leaders in organisations that must undergo Digital Transformation.


Forward looking organisations and governments are orienting their business strategies to new ways of engaging with the market and new ways of organising and conducting business operations, all enabled by innovative use of ICT as an enabler of transformational business change.   They require sustained high performance in delivery of ICT-enabled change.  Effective Governance of ICT is a critical capability to enable such change to be delivered.


This newly updated class is evolved from the Infonomics ISO 38500 Foundation class first delivered in April 2009.  Guided by new research published by global research and consulting organisations and by the presenters’ new book “Digital Leadership Manifesto”, the class explains the connection between Digital Transformation, Digital Leadership and Governance of IT, building a deep appreciation of the key concepts in ISO 38500 and the behaviours and capabilities essential to effective governance and successful use of ICT.  You will acquire essential knowledge to begin applying the standard in all aspects of planning and controlling the use and delivery of ICT, and particularly in planning and delivering Digital Transformation.  You will explore in detail how the concepts presented in the ISO 38500 introduction, governance model and principles for good governance of ICT are essential in today’s fast-changing world, where ICT underpins virtually all business, government and even social activity.   You will see how to apply ISO 38500 when developing both routine and transformational aspects of business and IT strategy, preparing plans, implementing new capabilities and in routine conduct of business activities that depend on ICT.

Your new insight will help you:

  • Allocate responsibility for ICT, across both business and ICT management roles, with particular attention to Digital Leadership;
  • Align ICT to business strategy by integrating ICT into business planning, with particular attention to Digital Transformation;
  • Plan successful ICT investments by focusing on achievable business outcomes;
  • Ensure that ICT performs well by focusing it on business performance;
  • Guide behaviour and decisions with formal rules that make good business sense;
  • Understand how Human Behaviour is a key success factor;
  • Direct and control the use of ICT as a Digital Leader, without being a technology expert;
  • Design and implement an effective top-to-bottom system for governance and management of ICT and thus for Digital Transformation.

On completion you will be able to:

  • Explain the application of ISO 38500 in Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership as well as in general use of ICT;
  • Explain broad implications of six principles for good governance of ICT;
  • Describe how the principles are applied throughout the business cycle, from development of business strategy, through detailed planning and delivery of change and on to routine business use of ICT;
  • Position ISO 38500 against common ICT management frameworks such as COBIT, ITIL, ValIT, Gateway, P3M3, MSP, Prince2 and so on;
  • Identify key policies needed to underpin effective governance of ICT;
  • Use ISO 38500 as a framework for assessing current arrangements for governance of ICT.

Class Structure:

The two day class is made up of 24 modules, designed to focus discussion on the many important aspects of how organizations should govern their use of ICT. During selected modules, participants will complete an individual self-assessment of their organization’s own governance of ICT.  The self-assessment provides an initial basis for planning any work that may be necessary to form a comprehensive view of, and perhaps to improve governance of ICT in their organization.


Your Instructor

This Digital Leadership and Governance of ICT Class is designed and delivered by Mark Toomey, who is Australia’s ICT Professional of the Year for 2012 and a global leader in use of ISO 38500.  Mark was the Project Editor and custodian of the standard from its first draft in early 2007 until the end of 2012.  He wrote the definitive book on how to use ISO 38500, has helped numerous organisations adopt the standard to improve their success with ICT and has taught the fundamentals of ISO 38500 to hundreds of students across a dozen nations since the standard’s launch in June 2008.

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