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March Branch Forum: Creating the continuously adapting organisations and careers

Friday, 07 Feb 2014

The IT department, more than most is constantly challenged with the need to be adaptive and these pressures are increasing due to the forces of competitive change in the digital era.  The total success of an organisation however cannot start and end with just IT and now the whole organisation must become adaptive to take advantage of the continuous and rapid change in the marketplace.

A new era for IT professionals has arrived where ‘value’ creation is the new currency, both within the organisation and to the market that it serves.  The expectation on the IT department to facilitate new ways of unlocking value has never been so pronounced, yet many IT departments are far from being enabled to do this.

 As IT professionals, this places more and more expectation on our individual value creation ability and the need to be adaptive and resilient.  With the ever increasing speed of change, time spent in each role is becoming shorter, yet an unplanned change in your role is more often seen as a negatively impacting event on one’s career journey.

Chris Stevens will bring to light the changes that are impacting our organisations and each of us as professionals.  Chris will illuminate what it means for organisations, the role of IT and for each of us in a new adaptive career approach.  The presentation will cause you to question some key things about the current focus of IT and how you can help shape it to adaptively create value.  Further, the session will trigger thoughts on how to create an amazing IT career through a rapidly changing and disruptive world.

Date: Wednesday 5 March
Time: 6:00pm

For further information and to register please click here.