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Two-Day PD Workshop: Digital Leadership and Governance of ICT using ISO 38500 - Limited spaces available!

Friday, 21 Mar 2014

In the Digital Era, entire markets are changing because individuals and organisations use powerful technologies in new ways.  Breakthrough change happens when business leaders are effective Digital Leaders, supported by effective Governance of ICT.  Governments and other organisations are adopting ISO 38500 to strengthen their governance of ICT as they too prepare for digital transformation.

This updated class exploits new research published by global research and consulting organisations, the presenter’s forthcoming new book “Digital Leadership Manifesto” and his established “Waltzing with the Elephant” to build new perspective on how effective governance of IT is a key enabler of successful digital transformation.  It will help you:

  • Explain the connection between Digital Transformation, Digital Leadership and Governance of ICT, and the important role of ISO 38500;
  • Assign responsibility for decisions about digital era business design and use of ICT;
  • Plan digital transformation and business strategy where ICT is a core business resource;
  • Deliver successful ICT and digital transformation investments focused on business outcomes;
  • Achieve required business performance without undue ICT-related constraint;
  • Establish rules for digital era  behaviour and decisions that make good business sense;
  • Understand how to factor human behaviour into digital era planning and decisions;
  • Take on the role of a Digital Leader, without being a technology expert;
  • Enable Digital Transformation through effective governance and management of ICT;
  • Understand your organisation’s current governance of ICT and readiness for digital transformation.

Date: 3rd & 4th April
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

For further information and to register please click here.

“I found the ISO38500 Masterclass the most professionally relevant experience I have had a in long time.  The area of ICT Governance by the business, as opposed to the management of the ICT function, is the least understood in industry, and the greatest risk to business in the expanding digital economy. The tools and techniques provided are of immediate use to me. Mark’s use of relevant and Australian and international case studies, plus his engagement and dialogue with participants, made the Masterclass a rewarding experience. I can strongly recommend Mark and the ISO38500 framework to ICT and management professionals interested in obtaining the best ROI on ICT investments in a rapidly changing digital environment.”
Gregg Boalch, Member, ACS Perth.