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Victorian Government ICT Strategy update – Public Consultation Closing Soon!

Friday, 07 Feb 2014

The Victorian Government ICT Strategy was implemented to address rising expectations of government services and increased use of technology in the community, opportunities for service improvement through advances in technology, prospective savings in innovation and productivity, and issues with government ICT projects. 40 actions in the initial Strategy have been completed, as scheduled, by December 2013.
The framework for the next phase for the Strategy for 2014 and 2015 for consultation includes:

  •  creating simpler access to accurate information and improving efficiency of transactions for users;
  • increasing government productivity by more secure, reliable and efficient information flows to deliver better services;
  • taking greater advantage of the opportunities provided by major technology trends such as location awareness, mobility, cloud-based platforms, faster applications development and improved means of dealing with cyber security; and 
  • ensuring engagement, investment and capability to innovate and manage risk are improved. 

Public consultation is at: and closes on Monday 14 February 2014.