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ACS Awards its Latest Honorary Member

Friday, 06 Dec 2013

On Tuesday 3 December, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) acknowledged Jurij Semkiw as an Honorary Member of the Victorian Branch. As a special guest to the Victorian Board Executive Committee Christmas Dinner, Ian Dennis, Chairman, ACS Victoria presented Jurij with an honorary plaque. Honorary Membership is our way of recognising the significant contribution of individuals to the ICT industry and particular to those who help us promote the development of Australian resources.

In August 1955, Jurij was recruited as a founding member of the, then new, Computation Laboratory at The University of Melbourne. Jurij assisted with the task of reassembling and commissioning Australia’s first (and at that time only) computer - the CSIR Mk1 - later renamed CSIRAC. In the university’s Computation Laboratory George and a colleague worked together to maintained and developed what was, at the date of its re-commissioning, the largest electronic machine in Australia.

During his time in the Computation Laboratory, Jurij also designed and constructed some of the earliest xerographic photocopying equipment in Australia which was far in advance of alternative contemporary methods of duplicating documents. He also designed and built early transistor-based circuits which enabled the disk store of CSIRAC to be doubled in capacity.

Jurij was also a founding member of the Victorian Computer Society established by Professor Cherry, Trevor Pearcey, Frank Hirst and others, which evolved to become the Victorian Branch of the Australian Computer Society – the recognised national professional organisation in the IT sector.

We thank you and acknowledge Jurij for his contribution to the Victorian government's support of our industry.

J.Semkiw & I.Dennis
Above: Ian Dennis (right) presents Jurij Semkiw with Honorary Member plaque.