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ACS Victoria hosts second Membership & Certification Information Session

Friday, 29 Nov 2013

On Wednesday 27 November, the ACS Victorian Branch hosted the ‘Career benefits via your ACS membership and certification’ event. This event provided both new and existing ACS members with information on how to maximise your ACS membership, how to become a Certified Technologist (CT) or Certified Professional (CP), as well as Pathways to Certification.

This session went into detail the benefits of Certification as your official recognition as an ICT professional.
The session was delivered by the Victorian Branch staff, and accompanied by Jo Dalvean, Vice-Chairman, ACS Victoria; and John Graham, Board Member, ACS Victoria, who shared their experiences and expertise and with those in attendance.

Guests gained much out of the presentation, with questions and answers sparking great conversation and interaction amongst both senior and newly joined members.

This is the second event of its kind to run in Victoria, with the intention of cementing it as a quarterly run program commencing in 2014.