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ACS NSW Fellow presentations at the November Branch Forum

Thursday, 28 Nov 2013

Congratulations to Professor Mary-Anne Williams and Lawrence Sparkes who were recently elevated to Fellows of the Australian Computer Society. They were presented with an honorary certificate and silver ACS pin at the November Branch Forum.

A Fellow is the highest grade of membership in the ACS, and is one of the formal ways in which the ACS can recognise an outstanding contribution to the profession.  The FACS post nominal indicates that the ACS recognizes the individual has made an outstanding contribution to the development of ICT in Australia.


Patrick Wilson, immediate past NSW Branch chairman and Fellows Committee member, presented Professor Mary-Anne Williams

Professor Mary-Anne Williams is a globally renowned robotics and knowledge engineer with a PhD in Computer Science and Masters in Law.  A leading authority in artificial intelligence, she has trans-disciplinary strengths in software engineering, informative systems, robotics, social and mobile computing, IP and privacy law. Her authoritive works have been adopted by government institutions and industry leaders including INFOSYS, IBM, Visual Risk, and Danmarks Nationalsbank.

Mary-Anne has a passion for innovative, science, technology and engineering and has worked throughout her career to further computer science and information technology in Australia and internationally. She holds senior roles at UTS, Stanford, the prestigious University of Science and Technology China, and the Australia Research Council. She established an Internship Program for Young Women and her work has been widely recognised in academic organisations.


Dr Philip Bailey, recently re-elected VP of ACS Academic Boards presented Lawrence Sparkes

Lawrence Sparkes is an outstanding ICT professional leader in the Australian financial sector for his organisational development of sustainable ICT computing facilities within the context of power efficiency and carbon reduction, in recent years his contribution has included combining computer technology with building facility infrastructure which allowed one of Australia’s largest financial corporations to receive CEEDA (Certified Energy Efficient Data Centre) certification for its data centres, the first awarded in Australia. He has also received several Excellence Awards for his infrastructure work in data centres.

During his 35 years in the Australian ICT industry, Lawrence has also provided outstanding leadership in providing mentoring and coaching programs to your IT professionals through work experience and graduate programs while maintaining his working links with his local community. His leadership roles and achievements support his distinguished contribution to the Australian ICT Industry.