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Big Data Demystified - Public Lecture by an ACM Distinguished Speaker Dr Peter Aiken

Friday, 08 Nov 2013


Wednesday 20 November, 2013 - 6:00pm at the University of Melbourne.

This lecture is co-hosted by Melbourne University's Melbourne School of Information & the Australian Computer Society.

Dr Aiken is an author and co-author of seven books on data management. He has lectured internationally and published extensively in practitioner, academic and popular outlets. He is also the Founder of Data Blueprint ( and consults widely in data management.

Yes, we face a data deluge and big data seems to be largely about how to deal with it.  But 99% of what has been written about big data is focused on selling hardware and services.  The truth is that until the concept of big data can be objectively defined, any measurements, claims of success, quantifications, etc. must be viewed sceptically and with suspicion.  While both the need for and approaches to these new requirements are faced by virtually every organization, jumping into the fray ill-prepared has (to date) reproduced the same dismal IT project results.

Come and learn about:

  • The very real, very rapid, very great increases in data of all forms (charts showing data types and volume increases)
  • Challenges faced by virtually all data management programs
  • Means by which big data techniques can compliment existing data management practices
  • Necessary but insufficient pre-requisites to exploiting big data techniques
  • Prototyping nature of practicing big data techniques

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