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Response to Australian Immigration Law Service Newsletter

Monday, 21 Oct 2013

Sydney, October 21 2013: The Australian Computer Society has today issued the following statement to correct assertions made by Karl Konrad in the Immigration News online newsletters published by the Australian Immigration Law Service dated Friday October 18 and Monday October 21, 2013.

“The announcement of the change in assessment name from Recent Graduate to Temporary Graduate brings the assessment into line with the requirements of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The ACS is following regulatory requirements applicable to all Assessing Authorities regardless of the sector, be it ICT, Accounting, Engineering, Dentistry or the like.

No decision has yet been made on the graduate skill assessment work experience requirement, and we wholeheartedly refute that our communication has been deceptive.

We note that, contrary to claims made in Immigration News, no request was made to the ACS for media comment, or received through any of our media or social media contact channels.

In response to the “short quiz” created by Mr Konrad, it should be made clear that the ACS did not publish any media releases on October 16. The ACS is not “hiding information”. A minor change was made to the ACS website on Friday as some content had been posted which was still in draft, and under review.

Had Mr Konrad contacted the ACS media team, he could have published the facts, instead of the misleading supposition that was released today.

The ACS has today written to Mr Konrad seeking that the erroneous claims be corrected, and that a notice of that correction be sent to his subscribers. At this time, a heavily qualified correction has been issued. The ACS will again ask Mr Konrad to correct the record, and immediately cease publishing information which is incorrect, and serves only to generate fear in the community.

The ACS is investigating further information released by Mr Konrad, with a view to referring the matter to the MARA.

The ACS takes great pride in our ethical and professional approach to skill assessment and we will continue to make the necessary changes to ensure we are offering the best possible service to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and the IT professionals of Australia.”

Further information

Thomas Shanahan, Australian Computer Society, 0449 902 130