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Nominations Results for the 2014 NSW Branch Executive Committee Elections

Friday, 18 Oct 2013

At the closing date, Monday 14 October, 2013, the following nominations were received:

Chairman: Warren Cammack

As Warren is the only candidate, he is declared elected.

Vice Chairman: 

There are two nominations for one position. The nominees are:

Helen McHugh
Richard Baecher

A ballot is to be held to elect a candidate.

Branch Secretary: Caroline Gordon

As Caroline is the only candidate, she is elected.

Ordinary Committee members:

Eight (8) nominations are held for five (5) positions. A ballot will be conducted from the following candidates:

Aditya Reddy Pullagurla
Alan McLeod
Cleary O’Brien
Grant Hopcroft
Helen McHugh
Kathryn Egea
Patricia Evanson
Richard Baecher

The ballot will open 4:00pm Tuesday 22 October 2013 and close 5:00pm Tuesday 12 November 2013 with results announced Tuesday 13 November 2013.

Peter Dunphy
Returning Officer - NSW
Australian Computer Society