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ACS members receive complimentary tickets to attend the DatacentreDynamics Converged Conference

Friday, 11 Oct 2013

This year’s DatacentreDynamics Converged Conference Melbourne conference will take place on the 29th October 2013 at the Crown Complex. This year’s event will bring new content, international and local speakers, expert panels and case studies as we explore the challenges that lie ahead for the Australian and New Zealand data centre industries.

This year will focus on how to strike the right balance between increased efficiencies and higher risk, how the market profile determines the decision to build, buy or lease, how the cloud presents an alternative for organisations, the latest trends and technologies and finally, will discuss what might be next on the horizon for the Australian data centre market.

ACS Victoria secured 25 complimentary tickets to attend the conference on 29th October, which were distributed to the first 25 ACS members to complete the post event survey for the October Branch Forum.

Recipients of the complimentary tickets are as follows;

Steve Babinczky
Amelia Cahyadi
Jacob Calcaterra
Jason Davey
Jay Desai
Ningwei Dong
Ken Farnes
Peter Francis
Mohan Krishna Gorrepati
Rowan Gronlund
Luke Hanley
Ganesh Karthik
Daniel Kos
Edwin Liew
Peter McDonald
Siddharth Mehta
Mohidin Mus
Meyer Rafael
Neil Richardson
Tim Rippon
Nikhil Samadder
Megh Shetty
Anton Tobing
Michael Womack

For further information and to register for the DatacentreDymanics Converged Conference please click here.