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Updating your CPD hours

Friday, 04 Oct 2013

A friendly reminder that ACS members are able to update their CPD hours through 'MyACS' on the ACS website.

Type of activities
There are many member events and conferences in each state that can help you reach your target CPD hours. You can also become involved in special interest groups or develop your own structured program of study.

CPD hours should be balanced and tailored to your career path, taking into consideration competencies to date and future interests. Some examples include:

Formal study - completing subjects from ACS education programs, university, TAFE and other providers
Learning activities - undertaking structured training, short courses
ICT forums - attending ACS Branch Forums, Special Interest Groups, industry conferences
Self-directed learning -  reading industry journals or blogs, reviewing online resources
Contribute to the ICT profession - volunteering with ACS working groups and Branch Executive Committees, presenting conference papers, academic research

Recording your CPD Hours
You need to record your CPD hours in the member section of the ACS website. If you register and attend ACS events you are automatically allocated appropriate hours.

All professional development activities should contain evidence. Certified members must submit documented evidence of CPD activities if selected in an annual audit. Evidence can be demonstrated through attendance certificates, course outlines and reflective writing samples.

You can link a maximum of 25 hours to one CPD activity. You should use your own professional judgement to determine an appropriate balance of activities to accommodate your personal requirements and maintenance of certification status.

Further information
ACS Certification Guidelines

For more information contact Member Services on (02) 9299 3666 or