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Qld BEC Nominations 2014-2015

Friday, 27 Sep 2013

Nominations are invited for the 2014-15 ACS Queensland Branch Executive Committee (BEC)

Chairman (for 2 years)
Vice Chairman (for 2 years)
Vice Chairman (for 2 years)
Hon Secretary (for 2 years)
Hon Treasurer (for 2 years)
Ordinary Committee Members (six positions all for 2 years)

ACS Queensland would like to see balanced representation by sector (eg industry; government, education, etc) and demographic (eg gender; region etc) and encourages all members who believe they have the attributes to make a positive contribution to the ACS Qld BEC to submit their nominations by 4 October 2013.
Appointments commence 1 January, 2014.


A candidate for any of the positions of office bearer ie. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer must be a Fellow, Senior Member, or Member. Associates are only eligible as candidates for ordinary Committee member positions. However, a maximum of five people only can be elected from the grade of Associate. All grades of members are eligible to propose candidates for any of the positions.

Only financial members of the ACS Queensland are eligible for nomination. For a nomination to be valid it must show the name and address of an eligible candidate, be signed by the candidate as evidence of willingness to accept nomination and be signed by another member of ACS Queensland as proposer.


Nominations must reach the Returning Officer no later than 5pm, Friday 4 October 2013 and may be posted to PO Box 10327 Adelaide Street Brisbane Qld 4000 or Faxed to 07 3220 0688 or emailed to Barry Snashall

The onus rests with those concerned to ensure that nominations are lodged before the closing date

If there are more nominations than positions, a ballot will be held to determine the successful candidates

A Nomination Form is available for download

For more details on key responsibilities of the BEC please email