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Ethics Research to be supported by ACS

Thursday, 12 Sep 2013

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has been chosen to partner in a major study into ethics within the information technology industry. The study is being conducted by Dr Yeslam Al-Saggaf, Prof John Weckert and Dr Oliver Burmeister of Charles Sturt University and will continue work that has been ongoing for almost a decade.

The purpose of the research will be to identify common ethical issues encountered in the day to day practice of Information Technology Professionals and develop effective, real world solutions to them. The research will take place across 4 stages over the next 12 months and will utilise online and face to face research techniques.

“This research will be the first major study into the ethical conundrums faced by information technology professionals that will also identify positive solutions to those issues. Since 2003 we have been researching these issues and as we see technology and qualifications change we also see greater prevalence of ethical issues.” Dr Al-Saggaff said.

“The ubiquitous nature of technology means that information technology professionals must be aware of many more potential conflicts and ethical problems than professionals in other fields. When this research is completed, we hope to deliver an effective online ethical resource that will help guide the profession to better, more ethically sound outcomes.”

“There have been countless instances where an ethical resource could have made a positive impact on a project and possibly avoided delay, or even worse, catastrophe. Hopefully this research will make it easier for professionals to confidently work towards the best outcomes for their clients and the industry.”

The research will commence in 2013 with outcomes expected to be ready in mid-2015.

Further information

Thomas Shanahan, Australian Computer Society, 0449 902 130