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Inaugural ACS Future Leaders Institute to be held at Kingscliff

Monday, 09 Sep 2013

SYDNEY, September 4: The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is pleased to announce the location of the inaugural ACS Future Leaders Institute which will be held at Kingscliff in the Tweed region in November 2013. This institute is born out of the recognition that ongoing development and education is critical at every level of business.

ACS President, Dr Nick Tate, spoke of the importance of events such as the ACS Future Leaders Institute. “Leadership is a skill that can be learned but it is often learned best from other practitioners. Too many ICT professionals in Business, Government and Education find that they have gained many technical skills in their career but have had little opportunity to gain the leadership skills that will be necessary if they are to aspire to ICT Senior Management or CIO level. This institute aims to create the next generation of CIOs”.

“A select group attendees will join the 4 day institute which will include sessions with current and former Chief Information Officers (CIOs), who will share their knowledge of leadership and impart their practical skills gained through many decades of experience.

“An institute such as this serves to give attendees an unfair advantage, but we make no apology for this. As we move further into a world that is utterly dependent on technology, the ACS seeks to better equip those who will be the future leaders of our profession.”

Further details of the Future Leaders Institute will be announced later this month.

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