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Wednesday, 04 Sep 2013

Big Answers for Big Data

9-10 October 2013, Hilton Sydney

Australia’s Leading Big Data and Analytics Conference

ACS is proud to be Supporting Association of DataCon 2013.

As part of the CeBIT Global conferences series, DataCon 2013 is the leading event and exhibition for all data and analytics professionals. We all know about the Volume, Variety, and Velocity that characterises our Big Data, but the value that can be delivered from it is the most critical. We need to know what questions to ask our data, and then we can see the results. DataCon 2013 is the forum to meet your peers who are doing just that.

Speakers include:

  • Joseph Turian, Founder and President, MetaOptimize (US), & Analyst, GigaOM
  • Andy Lark, Outgoing CMO, CBA
  • Rami Mukhtar, Chief Executive Officer, Ambiata
  • Samir Mahir, Chief Information Officer, Tennis Australia
  • Felix Barbalet, Senior Data Miner, Australian Taxation Office
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