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Just to say - thank you

Friday, 30 Aug 2013

As you are aware, we are about to call for nominations for election to the State Board of the ACS.

It has been my privilege to be your Chairman for the last three years, following two years as Immediate Past Chair, two years before that in my first term as your Chairman, and the two before that as Deputy Chair.

Whilst I am allowed, under our rules, to seek another term as Chairman, I have decided for a number of reasons not to nominate for the position for 2014-15.

I do so knowing that they are many competent members of the current and previous ACS Victoria Boards on which I have served who can, and will, fulfil the role of your Chairman superbly in the years to come.

So this message is just to express my appreciation and gratitude.

To you, the members, for electing me; and to all of the ACS Victorian Board members, SIG Chairs, and Committee chairs and members, who have given so devotedly of their time, their energies, and their intellects to continue to advance our great Society, and our Profession, in Victoria.

Thank you.

Chairman, Australian Computer Society, Victoria
Member, i-Awards Steering Committee