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The Tang Prize in Sustainable Development

Thursday, 29 Aug 2013

In 2012, Dr. Samuel Yin established the Tang Prize as an international award to recognize and encourage innovative research in various fields, with the hope that the Tang Prize would contribute towards the creation of another golden age for humankind.

From 2014, the Tang Prize will be awarded on a biennial basis, with four cash prizes of NT$40 million (around AU$1,490,000) each. Should two, or up to three, candidates receive an award in the same category, the cash prize will be shared. Research projects proposed by the award winners will also receive a grant of up to NT$10 million (around AU$373,000) to be used within five years. Prizes will go to researchers from all over the world who have made outstanding achievements in the four chosen areas. It is hoped that award recipients will continue to take their research to higher levels and help bring in and nurture new talents by passing on their valuable experience and findings. For more information, please visit

You are invited to nominate candidate(s) for consideration for the award category of Sustainable Development. The Tang Prize in Sustainable Development recognizes innovation in, and application of science and technology in fields such as engineering and construction, energy, environment and ecology, which have contributed to human society and the sustainable development of the earth. The nomination form can be downloaded HERE. Submit the nomination form with reference letters to by 15 September 2013.