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September Branch Forum - Information Development using MIKE2.0

Friday, 16 Aug 2013

Information Development using MIKE2.0 is the companion guide to the popular MIKE2.0 website.  The concept of Information Development puts data and information at the core of technology implementation and transformation across the enterprise.  Best of all, MIKE2.0 is an entirely free resource that is provided by a community of contributors under a Creative Commons licensing arrangement.

While most major projects are engineered to support business processes as they are defined in the organisation, they are usually described in terms of the information that they supply to the leaders of the business and put into the hands of those that directly serve stakeholders such as customers.  Those projects that struggle to achieve their goals often lay the blame at the feet of inconsistencies in business processes or changes that were ill-defined.  Even successfully implemented systems struggle to keep up with the constant rate of change in almost every organisation.

Robert Hillard was a co-founder of MIKE2.0 and a co-author of Information Development using MIKE2.0.  He will explain the role of MIKE2.0 and how combining it with the companion guide can help to solve the information challenges that virtually every organisation faces.

Date: Wednesday 4 September
Time: 5:45pm registration for a 6:00pm start
Venue: Telstra Conference Centre

For further information and to register please click here.