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ACS welcomes deferral of self-education cap

Friday, 02 Aug 2013

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has welcomed the announcement by The Hon. Chris Bowen that the proposed cap on work related self-education expenses will be deferred.

“This is a big step towards securing the future of professional education in Australia” said ACS CEO Alan Patterson.

“The proposed cap would have dramatically affected access to ongoing professional education for our members, as well as tens of thousands of Australians who rely on education to build their careers. The proposed cap would also have had a devastating impact on education providers, who would see people reducing their overall expenditure on education.”

“Australia needs to be a smart and resourceful nation to compete with other markets, and we can only do this by continually supporting education. The decision to defer means we can continue the fight as part of the Scrap the Cap alliance to have this policy reversed altogether.”

“This decision also vindicates our call for increased expenditure on technology education, as outlined in our Federal Election Issues document which was released earlier this week. This document specifically outlined access to education as a major roadblock in the growth of the digital economy, and we are heartened that Treasurer Bowen has announced this step in the right direction.”

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