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ACS Congratulates ACDICT on launch of Skills Action Plan

Monday, 29 Jul 2013

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) today congratulated the Australian Council of Deans of Information and Communications Technology (ACDICT) on the launch of their skills action plan.

ACS Chief Executive Officer Alan Patterson welcomed the increased focus on ICT education that will be provided with the support of ACDICT.

“The ACDICT has confirmed what we have long said, that education from an early age is key to the development of skills. I’m very pleased to see that an organisation such as ACDICT is on board with our push to broaden Australia’s ICT skills base.” Mr Patterson said.

“I congratulate the ACDICT on the creation of this skills plan, and as a long-time partner and support of the ACDICT the ACS looks forward to working with them on this plan so that it rewards ICT Professionals, the ICT industry and the digital economy.”

“With over 20,000 members and the only Professional certification for ICT in Australia, the ACS has for almost 50 years represented the interests of ICT Professionals, and it is only with the support of groups like the ACDICT that we are able to continue the push to educate and enhance Australia’s digital skills base.”

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