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Industry taking the lead on Cloud Computing Protocols to safeguard consumers

Thursday, 18 Jul 2013

Kate Lundy
Senator the Hon Kate Lundy

Minister Assisting for the Digital Economy, Senator Kate Lundy, today welcomed the Australian Computer Society's announcement of a national public consultation process for the development of a Cloud Consumer Protocol.

"It is important that business and government are in lock-step in developing consumer protections when implementing the National Cloud Computing Strategy," said Senator Lundy.

"The National Cloud Computing Strategy makes clear the potential for cloud computing to boost productivity and innovation across all sectors of the Australian economy.

"Once developed, the Cloud Consumer Protocol will ensure purchasers of cloud services, and in particular small businesses, have the information, tools and safeguards they need to use cloud services confidently," said Senator Lundy.

The Australian Computer Society has released a discussion paper and is seeking comments from industry and consumers on the scope of the Protocol and the issues it should address.

The development of a Consumer Cloud Protocol will encourage cloud vendors to provide consumers with clear and accurate information about their products and services.

"I congratulate industry and the ACS for their leadership and commitment to develop this Protocol. I encourage all interested stakeholders to make a submission to the discussion paper, and I look forward to the introduction of the proposed protocol by the end of the year" Senator Lundy said.

The National Cloud Computing Strategy is available at:

For more information about the Australian Computer Society's announcement, click here