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Let's Test - Sydney's Premier Software Testing Conference

Wednesday, 17 Jul 2013



5 August 2013, Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

ACS members are offered a $50 discount.  Use promotional code ‘ACS2013’ when registering.

Let’s Test Oz has been announced, and in order to properly celebrate, we’re offering you a one day “taste” of the Let’s Test experience! Join us for a one day conference on context-driven testing that will blow your mind.

Context-driven testing is an approach to testing that has been growing rapidly in the past few years. The context-driven tester is an active thinker, one who values personal skill development and rapid testing over producing boilerplate documents that nobody ever reads, or follows. In short, context-driven testing is about finding the best possible solution for each unique testing problem, and then implementing that solution in an effective and cost-efficient manner, with minimum waste. The context-driven challenge is to continuously re-evaluate and re-optimize testing to best fit the needs of the business and to get testing done as quickly as possible while still assuring that everything gets done that needs to be.

Exploratory testing, the dominating approach to testing in Agile environments, originated as a defined and teachable practice within the context-driven community, and exploratory testing practices are continuously being developed by context-driven testers.

Context-driven testing aims to give testers the tools they need to solve testing problems in any imaginable situation. If you have yet to discover this approach to testing, or if you want to take the next step in your professional development, then you don’t want to miss this conference!

The first thirty to register and pay to Tasting Let’s Test will automatically go into a draw to win a ticket to Lets Test Oz.

Tasting Let’s Test is not any old conference. It stands proudly under the Let’s Test banner of conferences. What makes Let’s Test conferences so unique? Read this blog post or take a look at some of the content to find out why. 

Click HERE to register and to find out more!