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View from the Chair

Monday, 08 Jul 2013

View from the Chair, Canberra Branch


Dear ACS Canberra Members,

My name is Jeff Mitchell and I am the newly elected Chairman for ACS Canberra.

I would like to acknowledge all of you who voted in the 2013 ACS Canberra Branch elections.  This election was the most contested which I have experienced in my five years on the Branch Executive Committee (BEC).  This year we saw record numbers of delegates standing for office, record number of votes recorded, and solid candidates from the current BEC team and from outside the BEC.

These standout results indicate to me that the 2011-2013 Canberra BEC team and Canberra branch staff,  Adrian and Jenalle, have done a fantastic job in making the ACS relevant to you through delivering and promoting high quality and timely events, awards and conferences.

This is a great outcome for the Canberra BEC team and ACS members, and it did not come easily. This outcome reflects the huge effort of BEC volunteers and their commitment to delivering services to ACS members.

I would like to thank all outgoing Branch Executive Council representatives for their efforts over the last two years.  I would especially like to acknowledge the work of our outgoing Chairman, Michael Hawkins, who has provided terrific leadership of the Canberra Branch over his terms in office.

As the incoming Chairman this is a great basis to build upon.  I hope I can live up to the standards and expectations set by my predecessors. Thank you for your support in the elections and I am looking forward to working with you.

Jeff Mitchell
Canberra Branch Executive Committee
Australian Computer Society